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How to Set a Banquet Table

Boston Cafe and Catering’s Event Coordinator has found several videos to help you picture  your event served by our company.

Here are a few tips that Savio finds helpful when setting a standard banquet table.

Setting a standard banquet table

  1. Pre-shift meeting  –  assignments are given to serving staff
  2. Front and back of room – important to set a ballroom
  3. May have to set tables and chairs and match floor plan
  4. Set linens
  5. Create consistent line of sight throughout banquet hall
  6. Set chargers or place setting
  7. Each place setting should mrror the place setting across from it
  8. Place silverware
    1. Forks on left, knife and spoon on right
    2. All china and silverware 1 thumb space away from table edge

9.  Make sure everything is clean

10.  Begin setting glassware above dinner knife

11.  Set china

12.  Set different accoutrements including candles, napkins, etc.

13.  Set all tables the exact same way

14.  Chairs are the last thing to set

Have a wonderful and classy event with us at Boston Cafe and Catering by going to or call us at 781-938-9300.

*Video provided by Probarserv Channel

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