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60p Luncheon Testimonial

Good Morning Sarah,

First, both Jessica and Priscilla were wonderful.  Most capable, gracious and helpful.  They added so much to the day.

Second, although I did not try everything, I wanted to do exactly that.  I cannot decide of all the foods I did have, which I enjoyed the most.  I loved all the antipasti, the cheese, the Mediterranean food, vegetable salad, strudel. goat cheese and cranberries.  What most surprised me is that one of our students, and athlete was raving about the mini carrot cake.  For dessert, I usually just gravitate to whatever is chocolate.  But I was enticed to try the carrot cake-out of this world.

In general, it is usually most helpful to offer a criticism as most providers are always looking to improve.  Cannot be done!  Everything about your catering for our event was perfect.  Thank you very very much.



60p Luncheon

September 18, 2014

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