Make your Company’s Summer Picnic an Authentic Boston Clambake
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Your Company picnic should be all about leaving your guest with warm, fuzzy feelings about your business.  A successful company picnic will boost the morale of your employees and help foster a positive working environment.  Planning an authentic Boston clambake is the perfect way to tie nostalgia, rustic elegance and positive vibes into your corporate picnic.

Set the Mood

Knowing who your audience is, will help push the direction of your Boston clambake to casual and beachy or formal and elegant.  You want to make it very clear on the invites whether parents need to get babysitters or bring the whole gang.

Consider Budget

According to Jud Yaski of Inspire Productions, businesses should plan to spend at least $50 a head at their summer picnic.  He points out that a “cheap barbecue and no entertainment” won’t be successful in connecting feelings of fun and excitement with your company.  Yaski recommends businesses spend anywhere from $50 to $300 per person when all is said and done.

Entertainment and Food

You will want to consider ahead of time who is going to be in charge of the food.  Choose a caterer to keep employees from working at the picnic and missing the fun.

Children’s entertainers are good for a family-friendly event. Clowns that tie balloons, face painters or pony rides will keep the kids busy and the adults happy at your picnic.

Even if kids aren’t attending, huge inflatable sumo warrior or Gladiator jousting costumes can create quite the corporate memories among the adults.  Team-style games can get your employeesbonding, especially if you are offering prizes to the winners.  Elegant events, however, may call for entertainment more in the subdued form of live music.

Choosing a Clambake Picnic Location

Try to find a spot that is within a short distance from the majority of your employees’ homes.  For an authentic clambake feel, you may choose an outdoor location on a beach.  A casual or elegant clambake picnic may also be held in a backyard, a park or an indoor dining hall.  Create a rustic and romantic authentic Boston clambake feel with beachy decor and candles or a bonfire.

A traditional New England summer party is the perfect way to make your corporate event a successful endeavor.  Plan a smash hit of a corporate picnic this year and let it be one to remember for years to come!

Testimonial from EzCater
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Boston Cafe & Catering’s large and varied menu has something to suit just about every taste. Most lunch packages include sides and dessert, so a complete meal is quick and easy to customize. From the tasty Mediterranean Chicken to sandwiches and traditional Italian favorites, Boston Cafe & Catering does it all—and does it well. For a real treat, try the tender Hickory Plum BBQ Steak Tips. Our customers love them!

One of the things we like about BC&C is their flexibility and can-do attitude. Punctuality is very important to them, and the experienced service staff will complete setup upon delivery at no additional charge. They do best with groups of 10 or more, but take pride in being as accommodating as possible. They will happily take on challenges such as vegan or Kosher diets to ensure everyone in your group is happy.

If you’re trying to stretch your budget, we recommend BC&C’s sandwich platters and sack lunches. They’re also a great choice for unexpected last minute orders. No one will ever know you didn’t spent weeks planning the event!

At ezCater, we’re always impressed by the friendliness and accessibility of the folks at BC&C. The company has been in business for over 35 years, so they know what makes for a great catering experience.

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Our Clearing Service at Boston Cafe and Catering!
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The dinner portion of your event is over. Time to clean up…but you don’t have to lift a finger. That is what Boston Cafe and Catering servers are here for….relax and enjoy your evening!

Here are the steps that our servers follow when clearing a table:

Silverware crossed on the plate is universal symbol that the guest is done but if there is still food on their plate you may ask them if they are finished. Then begin clearing:

  1. Clear from the right with your right hand moving clockwise around table
  2. Pick up all silver in one trip ….Do not take more than you can handle!
  3. Be attentive and keep table clean…remove bar glassware, cans, bottles, etc. when guest is done.
  4. When guest leaves table fold their napkin and place it on the table
  5. Clear table after each course is finished
  6. Leave set glasses on table until the end

A few extra hints for servers are to be as unobtrusive as possible and be quiet when stacking plates. Also don’t break up guests in close conversations…clean around them.

Time for the guests to enjoy the rest of the event or go on their way home!

Have a wonderful and classy event with us at Boston Cafe and Catering by going to or call us at 781-938-9300.

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How to Set a Banquet Table
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Boston Cafe and Catering’s Event Coordinator has found several videos to help you picture  your event served by our company.

Here are a few tips that Savio finds helpful when setting a standard banquet table.

Setting a standard banquet table

  1. Pre-shift meeting  –  assignments are given to serving staff
  2. Front and back of room – important to set a ballroom
  3. May have to set tables and chairs and match floor plan
  4. Set linens
  5. Create consistent line of sight throughout banquet hall
  6. Set chargers or place setting
  7. Each place setting should mrror the place setting across from it
  8. Place silverware
    1. Forks on left, knife and spoon on right
    2. All china and silverware 1 thumb space away from table edge

9.  Make sure everything is clean

10.  Begin setting glassware above dinner knife

11.  Set china

12.  Set different accoutrements including candles, napkins, etc.

13.  Set all tables the exact same way

14.  Chairs are the last thing to set

Have a wonderful and classy event with us at Boston Cafe and Catering by going to or call us at 781-938-9300.

*Video provided by Probarserv Channel

Service with a Smile from Boston Cafe and Catering!
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Boston Cafe and Catering prides itself on superb service. Our Event Coordinator Savio Soares has provided us with a secret look at two of Boston Cafe and Catering sweep services.

The “Ladies First Sweep” is a standard sweep where all servers work together to serve the banquet hall one table at a time until all tables are served.

  • Waiters serve ladies before men
  • If there is a special mean, the banquet captain will be informed and it will be served separately
  • ladies first sweep – standard sweep

The “Time Sweep” is more formal and synchronized service.

  • The venue is divided into 4 to 5 tables and the servers are divided into teams and assigned sections of tables
  • There is a team leader who leads the servers through one full rotation behind the table in their assigned sections of tables
  • The team must stay together
  • It is an efficient and professional way to serve a large number of guests in a short period of time
  • Perfectly synchronized the “Time Sweep” will look like a choreographed dance

Go to or call 781-938-9300 to plan your event now.

Video provided by:The ProbarServ Channel.

Our Unique Equipment Will Impress Your Guests!
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Do you want your party or corporate outing to be the talk of the day? Look no further then working with Boston Cafe and Catering. Not only do we offer amazing food and waitstaff, take a look here at a few of our distinct displays that could be at your next event.

Our one of a kind Floating Buffet adds flair and “wow factor” to impress potential clients.

The Grid Wall is contemporary and versatile and works where more non-traditional displays are warranted.

Our Appetizer Trees provide a special level of nuance and unique presentation that is sure to be a conversation piece.Lighted Accents enhance both menu items and table décor offering a lasting impression.

Meet Boston Cafe and Catering’s Operations Team!
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Operations Team

Michael Beetar – Director of Operations

Michael Beetar - Director of Operations

Michael is from South Africa and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He joined Boston Cafe and Company recently and is a true gentleman. He handles the day to day operations at Boston Cafe and Company. He maintains all of our delivery vehicles and works with the utility staff here. He also makes sure the building is clean. He checks and makes sure that everything is going to where it is supposed to be delivered and he oversees the drivers. He also creates all the pack lists for events and determines what equipment shows up at each event.

Savio Soares – Event Coordinator

Savio Soares – Event Coordinator

Savio has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for a couple of years. He works on the high profile events and hires and trains our wait staff. He is always upbeat and is a pleasure to work with. He is a great teacher who teaches the wait staff proper service. He also works on our Facebook page daily. He is a very nice, courteous, and professional event coordinator. If you have Savio at your event you will want to adopt him by the end of the event.

Armando Colindres – Expeditor

Armando Colindres - Expeditor

Armando has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for five years. He puts all the products together ready for delivery. He also makes sure that all the food is done properly and he oversees all deliveries on the trucks. He puts together pack lists for major events and gets trays and equipment ready to go. He also oversees loading food and equipment onto the vans and makes sure that you get everything that you ordered from us.

Antonio Colindres – Utility

Antonio Colindres - Utility

Antonio has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for 11 years. He is in charge of vehicle maintenance and he makes sure that all the equipment is cleaned properly, including washing dishes and polishing silverware. He makes sure that the equipment is ready to go out on its next event. He also is instrumental in maintaining the building, making sure the ovens are cleaned and the floors are mopped to name a few of the important tasks he does for us.

Meet the Administrative Team at Boston Cafe and Catering!
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Time to meet our Administrative Team!

Melanie Balesteri – Office Manager

Melanie Balesteri: Office Manager

Melanie has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for over 6 years. When it comes to customer service you all have probably had the opportunity to speak with Melanie. She is one of the kindest people to meet. She takes care of us internally with her kindness and voice working the phones, taking orders and helping clients speak to our sales team. She is an asset to the organization. She is very positive and has a sweet personality. She knows all or our clients and takes great care of them. You will not get a friendlier voice on the phone that makes you feel comfortable and warm then when you call Boston Cafe and Catering and speak with Melanie. She does many other things for the organization, including helping out sales teams with menus and mailings. She does way too many things to mention for our company internally.

Jennifer Berry – Fiona Miller’s Assistant

Jen Berry: Fiona Miller's Assistant

Jennifer has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for almost 3 years. She reaches out to lots of our clients to help with their needs. She is quite popular with our clients and enjoys what she is doing. She does all the hard work that many people don’t enjoy doing and she does it with a wonderful attitude. She makes numerous phone calls a day and is a very consistent worker. She is very dependable and is a true asset to the company. The Director of Sales Fiona Miller counts on her with the event planning aspect of the organization. She also helps Officer Manager Melanie Balesteri take orders and talk with clients.

Thanks a Million Times Testimonial
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You and your team have continued to wow us over and over again.

From the speedy, kind, and accurate service to the amazing quality of food and presentation….we have been more than satisfied.  The Law School is a busy little community and has a lot of needs and often these are last minute and with a lot of particularity.  I appreciate your willingness and readiness to meet our needs in short time and I appreciate that each order you helped us with has exceeded our expectations,

Thank you for all that you have done.  I look forward to continuing to work closely with you and your team.  Please give them all our best; from the kitchen to the delviery can.  Keep up the amazing work!

Kinds Regards,

Christina Clark

Event Planner

Meet the Boston Cafe and Catering Sales Team
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Time to meet our Sales Team at Boston Cafe and Catering. We know one of these staff members will make your event memorable.

Fiona Miller – Director of Sales


Fiona Miller - Director of Sales

Fiona was born and raised in Ireland. She joined Boston Cafe and Catering earlier this year. She has an amazing amount of experience in sales and has a tremendous background in catering. She has worked on the highest of social events to anything corporate. She is the kindest, most generous person to ever come through the organization. She is the kind of person who helps everyone and is quite the amazing teacher. Her incredible knowledge of the catering industry is quite an asset to our company.

Sarah Stone – Corporate Sales

Sarah Stone - Corporate Sales

Sarah has been with Boston Cafe and Catering just shy of 10 years. Her love and energy for the business is off the charts. She loves putting packages together for our clients and she looks forward to outdoing the last event she did for each and everybody. She has an amazing amount of success because of her overall commitment to the organization. She works as hard as anyone and loves what she’s doing. She is a former chef who brings her knowledge of the culinary world into her menu planning and work with our clients.