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Meet the Administrative Team at Boston Cafe and Catering!

Time to meet our Administrative Team!

Melanie Balesteri – Office Manager

Melanie Balesteri: Office Manager

Melanie has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for over 6 years. When it comes to customer service you all have probably had the opportunity to speak with Melanie. She is one of the kindest people to meet. She takes care of us internally with her kindness and voice working the phones, taking orders and helping clients speak to our sales team. She is an asset to the organization. She is very positive and has a sweet personality. She knows all or our clients and takes great care of them. You will not get a friendlier voice on the phone that makes you feel comfortable and warm then when you call Boston Cafe and Catering and speak with Melanie. She does many other things for the organization, including helping out sales teams with menus and mailings. She does way too many things to mention for our company internally.

Jennifer Berry – Fiona Miller’s Assistant

Jen Berry: Fiona Miller's Assistant

Jennifer has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for almost 3 years. She reaches out to lots of our clients to help with their needs. She is quite popular with our clients and enjoys what she is doing. She does all the hard work that many people don’t enjoy doing and she does it with a wonderful attitude. She makes numerous phone calls a day and is a very consistent worker. She is very dependable and is a true asset to the company. The Director of Sales Fiona Miller counts on her with the event planning aspect of the organization. She also helps Officer Manager Melanie Balesteri take orders and talk with clients.

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