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Meet the Culinary Team at Boston Cafe and Catering

Do you wonder who is making those freshly baked breads and delicious food that is brought to you by Boston Cafe and Catering?

Well wait no more…meet the Culinary Team at Boston Cafe and Catering!

Eric Baloy – Executive Chef

Eric Baloy - Executive Chef

Eric joined Boston Cafe and Catering earlier this year. He comes from 15 years of local off-premise executive chef experience. H is one of the very best chefs in the area. His attention to detail is amazing. He chooses only the best products to come up with presentations and tastes that are unbelievable. Eric is from Paris and trained in France. He is quite an athlete and during his off-time trains and runs marathons. His interest in running contributes to his interest in healthy foods. He is very particular with the products and food that Boston Cafe and Catering creates each and every day!

Gary Hart – Kitchen Manager

Gary Hart - Kitchen Manager

Gary has been with Boston Cafe and Catering for 13 years. He is an amazing and dependable individual. He is a great leader with the organization and knows the catering business inside and out. He is a man who wears many hats and can be seen out on location as a head chef at a clambake to overseeing the Boston Cafe and Catering kitchen in day to day business. He is a great teacher and trainer and has been quite the asset to the organization for many, many years.

The Culinary Staff

The Culinary Team

Many members of the Culinary Staff have been with Boston Cafe and Catering for a number of years. They show a tremendous commitment to great product and presentation, which is what they all stand for. We are very proud of each and every one of them in the organization. Each one adds quite a bit to the organization with their varying skills and personalities.

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