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Our Clearing Service at Boston Cafe and Catering!

The dinner portion of your event is over. Time to clean up…but you don’t have to lift a finger. That is what Boston Cafe and Catering servers are here for….relax and enjoy your evening!

Here are the steps that our servers follow when clearing a table:

Silverware crossed on the plate is universal symbol that the guest is done but if there is still food on their plate you may ask them if they are finished. Then begin clearing:

  1. Clear from the right with your right hand moving clockwise around table
  2. Pick up all silver in one trip ….Do not take more than you can handle!
  3. Be attentive and keep table clean…remove bar glassware, cans, bottles, etc. when guest is done.
  4. When guest leaves table fold their napkin and place it on the table
  5. Clear table after each course is finished
  6. Leave set glasses on table until the end

A few extra hints for servers are to be as unobtrusive as possible and be quiet when stacking plates. Also don’t break up guests in close conversations…clean around them.

Time for the guests to enjoy the rest of the event or go on their way home!

Have a wonderful and classy event with us at Boston Cafe and Catering by going to or call us at 781-938-9300.

Video from Probarserv Channel

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