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Seasonal Cooking Advice from Boston Cafe and Catering: Cranberries

So you spent some of Columbus Day weekend outside at a local cranberry festival or perhaps you found some fresh cranberries at the grocery store, and now you don’t know what to do with them. Well Boston Cafe and Catering is here to help you with your overabundance of cranberries.

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Massachusetts is expected to yield 2.10 million barrels of cranberry this year, according to Massachusetts’ Department of Agricultural Resources. The cranberries produced in Massachusetts cover 30 percent of the total use in the entire state behind Wisconsin, about 60 percent, stated on the MDAR’s website.

Cranberry start to grow in early spring and starting in September you can start using fresh cranberries in your cooking.

A few cooking tips have been provided by Boston Cafe and Catering’s cooking staff.

Cooking tips: Cranberries can be stored fresh for month because of the presence of Benzoic acid.

They may be placed in a freezer for about 9 months.

Some ideas for lunch and dinner:

Stuffed chicken with baby spinach, bleu cheese and dry cranberries.

Pan seared sea scallop with cranberry and black trumpet mushroom

Frissee salad with duck confit, spicy pecan and pumpkin, with cranberry and cider vinaigrette

Dessert from Boston Cafe and Catering: Order our delicious Congo bars with cranberry and white chocolate

Mother dough cookies with pecans, dried cranberries, and apricots.

Cranberries are produced until the end of October. Enjoy them because they are very good and healthy!

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