Make your Company’s Summer Picnic an Authentic Boston Clambake
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Your Company picnic should be all about leaving your guest with warm, fuzzy feelings about your business.  A successful company picnic will boost the morale of your employees and help foster a positive working environment.  Planning an authentic Boston clambake is the perfect way to tie nostalgia, rustic elegance and positive vibes into your corporate picnic.

Set the Mood

Knowing who your audience is, will help push the direction of your Boston clambake to casual and beachy or formal and elegant.  You want to make it very clear on the invites whether parents need to get babysitters or bring the whole gang.

Consider Budget

According to Jud Yaski of Inspire Productions, businesses should plan to spend at least $50 a head at their summer picnic.  He points out that a “cheap barbecue and no entertainment” won’t be successful in connecting feelings of fun and excitement with your company.  Yaski recommends businesses spend anywhere from $50 to $300 per person when all is said and done.

Entertainment and Food

You will want to consider ahead of time who is going to be in charge of the food.  Choose a caterer to keep employees from working at the picnic and missing the fun.

Children’s entertainers are good for a family-friendly event. Clowns that tie balloons, face painters or pony rides will keep the kids busy and the adults happy at your picnic.

Even if kids aren’t attending, huge inflatable sumo warrior or Gladiator jousting costumes can create quite the corporate memories among the adults.  Team-style games can get your employeesbonding, especially if you are offering prizes to the winners.  Elegant events, however, may call for entertainment more in the subdued form of live music.

Choosing a Clambake Picnic Location

Try to find a spot that is within a short distance from the majority of your employees’ homes.  For an authentic clambake feel, you may choose an outdoor location on a beach.  A casual or elegant clambake picnic may also be held in a backyard, a park or an indoor dining hall.  Create a rustic and romantic authentic Boston clambake feel with beachy decor and candles or a bonfire.

A traditional New England summer party is the perfect way to make your corporate event a successful endeavor.  Plan a smash hit of a corporate picnic this year and let it be one to remember for years to come!