A la Carte Barbecue

Don’t love every aspect of our menu packages? No problem! Hand-pick your own barbecue menu with our a la carte selections.

one half rack of slow-roasted St. Louis-style pork ribs $9.50 pp

boneless, barbecue chicken breasts $4.95 pp

slow-roasted, barbecue beef brisket $6.95 pp

marinated, fire-grilled barbecue steak tips $9.00 pp

sweet Italian sausage $3.50 pp

traditional jerk chicken $4.95 pp

jerk marinated pork loin  $5.95 pp

barbecue pulled pork $3.95 pp

barbecue pulled chicken $3.95 pp

beef chili $3.95 pp

marinated, grilled shrimp kabobs $11.95 pp

Maryland-style crab cakes $2.50pp

steamers and mussels $4.95 pp

marinated, grilled vegetable kabobs $7.95 pp