A la Carte Hors d'Oeuvres

Passed or plattered, we offer an extensive variety of hot and cold appetizers well-suited for any occasion.

Cold Vegetarian

vegetable summer rolls with sweet chili sauce $2.25 pp

Greek salad cucumber cup bites $2.25 pp

edamame hummus-stuffed grape tomato $1.50 pp

roasted red pepper hummus in cucumber cups $1.50 pp

grilled portobello mushroom with fig jam on crostini $2.50 pp

ciliegine mozzarella bites topped with tomato-olive salsa $2.25 pp

watermelon and goat cheese lollipops $1.75 pp

chilled watermelon-strawberry soup shooter (seasonal) $2.25 pp

cucumber maki rolls $ market pp

vegetarian antipasto skewers with pesto cream $2.95 pp

tomato gazpacho shooter with basil oil $2.95 pp

red and yellow watermelon cups with feta mousse (seasonal) $1.75 pp


Hot Vegetarian

cranberry-bleu cheese flatbread $2.75 pp

eggplant-ricotta tomato crisp $2.25 pp

smoked gouda mac and cheese bites $2.50 pp

fig and mascarpone flatbread $2.25 pp

spanakopita $1.75 pp

fried goat cheese with cranberry compote $1.95 pp

spinach-boursin stuffed mushrooms $2.75 pp

mushroom-ricotta profiteroles $3.00 pp

spiced pumpkin soup shooter $1.50 pp

raspberry-brie phyllo $2.25 pp

mushroom vol-au-vent $2.25 pp

fried vegetable pot sticker with soy-ginger sauce $1.95 pp

vegetable spring roll with plum sauce $2.00 pp

mozzarella sticks with marinara $1.75 pp

vegetable empanadas with garlic aioli $2.75 pp



red and yellow watermelon towers with Thai crab salad (seasonal) $3.50 pp

assorted maki rolls with pickled ginger and wasabi $ market pp

virgin bloody mary shooter with a grilled shrimp garnish $2.85 pp

coconut-lime marinated grilled shrimp $2.25 pp

tuna tataki with ponzu $3.25 pp

coconut shrimp $2.25 pp

fresh local clams on the half shell $ market pp

fresh East Coast oysters on the half shell $ market pp

spicy tuna tartar $3.25 pp

traditional shrimp cocktail with horseradish cocktail sauce $2.25 pp

lobster-cheddar grilled cheese bites $3.75 pp

petite crab cakes with Cajun remoulade $3.50 pp

sesame-crusted tuna with wakame salad on a rice cracker $3.00 pp

bacon scallops with maple mustard $3.25 pp

seafood-stuffed mushrooms $3.25 pp

citrus shrimp with mango aioli $2.25 pp

marinated shrimp skewer $3.95 pp

spicy lobster wonton $4.25 pp



jerk chicken in phyllo cup with mango salsa $2.25 pp

chicken-waffle bite with maple black pepper aioli $2.25 pp

chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce $3.00 pp

tandoori chicken satay with mint yogurt $3.00 pp

teriyaki chicken satay with soy glaze $3.00 pp

hawaiian chicken satay with grilled pineapple and mango glaze $3.00 pp

smoked turkey on pumpkin bread with cranberry mayo $2.75 pp

custom-flavored fried chicken wings $1.95 pp

BBQ chicken flatbread pizza bites with onions and bleu cheese $1.75 pp

Peking duck spring roll with plum sauce $2.50 pp

chicken parmesan slider $3.95 pp

chicken empanadas  with dipping sauce $2.75 pp



Philly cheesesteak spring roll with scallion aioli $2.50 pp

sausage-feta stuffed mushrooms $2.50 pp

antipasto skewers $3.25 pp

teriyaki beef skewer with pineapple glaze $4.25 pp

pork confit with apple-onion chutney on crostini $2.50 pp

beef wellington bites with horseradish sour cream $2.50 pp

cocktail meatballs with marinara, sweet and sour sauce, pesto cream, or Swedish-style gravy $1.95 pp

bacon-cheddar beef sliders on brioche bun $3.50 pp

prosciutto-wrapped honeydew melon or asparagus $2.95 pp

pork pot sticker with ginger-soy $2.95 pp

pulled short rib crostini $3.95 pp

pulled pork slider $3.95 pp

beef empanadas with dipping sauce $2.75 pp