Hors d'Oeuvres Packages and Small Plates

If you can’t decide on which a la carte hors d’oeuvres you’d like for your event, we’ve assembled several packages to help narrow down the decision. You’ll also find some chef-active small plates and passed Asian spoons, which are perfect if you’re looking for more of a meal for your guests, or just one, flavorful bite.


Select four of the following

select four - $10.00 pp

watermelon and goat cheese lollipops

raspberry-brie phyllo

sesame-crusted tuna with wakame salad on a rice cracker

mushroom-ricotta profiteroles

BBQ chicken flatbread pizza bites with onions and bleu cheese

chicken-waffle bite with maple black pepper aioli

Philly cheesesteak spring roll with scallion aioli

pork confit with apple-onion chutney on crostini


Select four - $10.75 PP

vegetable summer rolls with sweet chili sauce

ciliegine mozzarella bites topped with tomato-olive salsa

cranberry-bleu cheese flatbread

lobster-cheddar grilled cheese bites

bacon-scallops with maple mustard

chicken, beef, or vegetable empanadas with dipping sauce

open-faced reuben sandwich bite with spicy brown mustard

beef slider with bacon and cheddar on brioche bun

beef wellington bites with horseradish sour cream


Select six - $15.50 pp

sesame-crusted tuna with wakame salad on a rice cracker

coconut-lime marinated, grilled shrimp

Moroccan chicken salad in cucumber cup

Peking duck spring roll with plum sauce

grilled ham and cheese bite with tomato aioli

prosciutto-wrapped peach on crostini with honey-ricotta spread

cocktail meatballs with marinara, sweet and sour sauce, pesto cream, or Swedish-style gravy

honey mustard pulled chicken slider on brioche bun

pork pot sticker with ginger-soy

mushroom vol-au-vent

Greek salad cucumber cup bites




Passed Asian Spoons

spicy grilled shrimp with jalapeño hush puppy and sriracha aioli $2.85 pp

sweet pea risotto with grilled vegetable medley $2.40 pp

seared sea scallop with corn cream and sautéed mushrooms $3.10 pp

sirloin beef tartare with dijon, capers, and fried onion $2.75 pp


Chef-Active Small Plate Stations

braised short rib with garlic mash, roasted carrots and parsnips, and braising liquid $5.75 pp

grilled firm polenta with roasted grape tomato and asparagus salad $3.79 pp

baked Atlantic salmon with scallion-jasmine rice cake and citrus zest beurre blanc $6.10 pp

classic caprese salad with sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic glaze $4.15 pp

pumpkin-sage ravioli with grilled fennel, dried cranberries, brown butter, and cinnamon sour cream $3.99 pp