Our Philosophy on Food and the Environment

We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality ingredients that create exceptional taste while also reducing our corporate footprint. We strive to be transparent in everything we do and would like to share what that means to us at Boston Catering and Events.


One phrase we hear a lot is “Farm to Table”, but did you know there is no official definition for it? No one regulates what it means, and anyone can use it in their marketing to mean almost anything. At Boston Catering and Events, it would be great to say everything we serve is locally grown but honestly that is not possible for us and probably not for anyone.

Boston Catering and Events’ culinary team is committed to sourcing high quality local products and using them whenever possible. The local New England region has a large wealth of reputable and high-quality dairy, poultry, pork and beef offerings allowing for what we call our New England best of Farm to Table menus. The relatively short growing season here can present us with produce challenges though. We source locally when we can but at times we need to source produce from outside of the region. We care about the quality of the food sources we use in our scratch kitchen and make sure that the people who grow or raise that food care too.

Boston Catering and Events is committed to environmental and social responsibility. While working with local farms, co-operatives, and dairies whenever possible, we also create sustainable local menus, practice composting and recycling at our facility, recycle our used cooking oil, and offer biodegradable/compostable disposables made with 100% pre-consumer recycled paper. We are committed to do our part and encourage our clients to go “green” whenever possible too.